10202 Positive Psychology: The Benefit of Well-Being [2 Credits]

10202 Positive Psychology: The Benefit of Well-Being [2 Credits]



Course Description: This online text-based course introduces the learner to the concept of well-being from a positive psychology perspective. Based on a peer-reviewed article, this course will provide an overview of well-being and its impact on health, social relationships, work, and resilience. The research supporting the link between well-being and crucial life domains will be reviewed and implications, gaps in the research, and practical applications are discussed.

Course Objectives (Learning Outcomes):
By successfully completing this course, the learner will be able to:

  1. Provide an overview of well-being from a positive psychology perspective
  2. Identify and discuss the links between well-being and crucial life domains like health, social relationships, work, and resilience
  3. Identify implications and interventions related to well-being and prevention work

Course Category: Treatment and Evidence-Based PracticeDisorders, Symptoms, and Populations

Course Materials:
 CustomCE Course 10202.pdf


Credits: 2.0


Fees: $20.00 to register for CE Credit (Must pass Course Quiz to earn credit).  This course is free with Unlimited Membership. Refund Policy.


Last Revision: November, 2018

Audience and Course Level: This course is appropriate for PsychologistsMental Health CounselorsSocial Workers, and Marriage and Family Therapists who incorporate positive psychology and well-being into their professional practice.  The course level is considered introductory since it introduces the learner to well-being and its links with crucial life domains.


Course Utility and Potential Risks/Conflicts: The utility of this course lies in helping practitioners better utilize well-being research and interventions.  The course does not include clinical training or certification.  This course is not sponsored by any commercial organizations and no potential conflicts of interest are noted.

Course Instructors: This course was developed by Chris Heffner, PhD, PsyD. LP.


Course Materials: Materials for this course were published in the Journal of Positive Psychology and Well-Being, a peer-reviewed open access journal.


Publication Date: 2018


Format: PDF (CustomCE Course 10202.pdf)

Technical Requirements: Internet Access for Course Quiz, PDF Viewer (e.g., Acrobat Reader) for Course Materials.


Additional Requirements: None


Suggested Prerequisites: None

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